Essity is a leading global hygiene and health company. We are dedicated to improving well-being through our products and services. As an extremely innovative company, Essity is constantly looking for new product improvements as well as disruptive innovations that solve real customer pain points.


With all the excitement of a busy home comes the inevitable mess: muddy footprints, paint splodges, spillages, and greasy marks. That’s when kitchen rolls become household essentials - they are indispensable in dealing with the everyday messes and mishaps in our household but also other tasks like food preservation and preparation such as dabbing fish and meat or depositing vegetable peels and waste.

Essity and its household towel brands already offer a variety of different products in many countries of the world. Standard rolls and extra long rolls for those who need more paper. Some of the household towels are white and some come with nice designs. For smaller mishaps there are half sheets and for happenings around the home (dining table, bathroom, living room, etc) there is a nicely designed softbox dispenser with handy sheets. Hygienic and easy to dispense, sheet by sheet. Thanks to their unique quality, the paper kitchen towels are also absorbent when wet and especially strong, so that you can easily wipe, clean and scrub with them - wherever an application is required.

Essity also takes care of the environment and is constantly improving the environmental footprint. Reducing the waste and CO2 emissions where possible, e.g. increasing recycled content in all our packaging, reducing amount of fibers, replacing fibers with fast renewable resources like straw or using recycled fibers instead.


Essity is looking for the household towel of the future. What problems do you notice or what bothers you when using them? What do you wish from this product? What could solutions of the future look like? What other tasks could be done with new products and what would these products look like (form, shape, material)?

Essity has identified four areas that are especially relevant for them: Naturality, Health & Hygiene, Food & Cooking and Pet Care.

  • Naturality: Product solutions that are even more sustainable than current ones.
  • Health & hygiene: Products that help to become more hygienic & protect health.
  • Food & cooking: Products that help to keep things clean, make food preparation and food preservation easy and convenient. Basically think through tasks and hassles in and around the kitchen from the fridge via, cooking, cleaning to disposal in bins, etc.
  • Pet care: What are the challenges for pet owners with regards to messes and dirt they have to deal with i.e. hairs, pee, dirty paws, etc. How could they be addressed and solved better - making it more efficient, easier.

Please submit your problems and possible solutions within these areas! You also have the option to select "others" if your submission doesn't fit these categories